VistlerPlast koluti za navijanje vrvic, laksov in nitk


VistlerPlast is a plastic injection moulding company with a 32-year, family tradition that offers everything from first ideas, product development, production to packaging and delivery under one roof. All in order to meet your wishes and expectations.
Razvoj plastičnih izdelkov VistlerPlast
From the initial idea to the final product
Product development
Together with you, we develop products from initial idea to final use. We offer a comprehensive product development process in the company, so we start most projects with a simple customer idea.
Proizvodnja plastičnih izdelkov
Small and large series
In addition to mass production of products that we develop in our company, we also offer customers the manufacture of products with tools owned by the customer with our new and automated production line.
Sestavljanje in pakiranje plastičnih izelkov
We assemble and pack according to your wishes
Assembly and packaging
At the end of the manufacturing process, we assemble the products as needed, and pack them according to your wishes so that they are ready for collection. If desired, we can also deliver them to the desired location.
Why are we the best choice?
  • We individualize customer needs
  • We maintain responsive and regular communication
  • We are flexible
  • We guarantee faster time for the entire process (from order to delivery)
  • Through the entire process, we stick to the offer, price and time arrangements
  • We treat all customers equally
  • We do not perform unnecessary tasks and focus solely on customer needs
  • Quality and product control are carried out at the highest level
  • The company is certified with the ISO9001:2015 quality certificate
Some of our most produced products
Dropper Bottles
Dropper Bottles different sizes. Caps with CRC and TE system
Dropper Bottles
Dropper bottles for pharmacy, cosmetics, nutritional supplements and many more.
VistlerPlast Pokrovčki za parfume, spreje, mazila
Caps for perfumes, sprays, ointments, dropper bottles ...
Aerosol caps

Caps of different sizes and for different purposes used in cosmetics and pharmacy industry.

Pill jars
Different sizes from 65ml to 200ml with self seals
Pill Jars
Pill jars for nutritional suppliments, pharmacy and cosmetics from 65ml to 200ml.
VistlerPlast Koluti za navijanje laksa, vrvic, nitk, ipd
Reels for winding lax, twine, thread, etc.
Different sizes of reels for all types of winding lax, cords and various threads.
VistlerPlast Farmacija, medicina, kozmetika
Pharmaceutical containers, lids, injections, ...
Pharmacy, cosmetics
Containers of different sizes from 65ml to 450ml, lids, injections, caps and many more.
VistlerPlast Zobotehnika-izdelki za zobozdravstvo
Dental products
Dental industry
Plaques, frames and other dental aids.
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